There will be a Game 7 in the National League Championship Series

There will be a Game 7 in the National League Championship Series.Milwaukee took down the Dodgers 7-2 onFridayafter a four-run first inning and five totalruns in the first two innings off of Los Angeles starter Hyun-Jin Ryu.Jesus Aguilar went 3 for 4 with two doubles and three RBIs in the win.Three takeaways from NLCS Game 6Head scratcherThe Dodgers really had onlyone guy in their lineup who was hitting in Game 6, and he was making hard contact from the beginning.That man was David Freese.The 35-year-old infielder took Wade Miley deep as the first batter in the game and also drove in Los Angeles’ only other run while he was in the game.David Game 6 Freese. #NLCS MLB (@MLB) October 20, 2018But, as good as Freese was, he was removed for Joc Pederson in the fifth inning. Pederson came in on a double switch and took Freese’s spot in the lineup.When Freese left he had two of Los Angeles’ five hits. He was hitting great.So why take him out? The predicted matchups weren’t incredibly favorable, as he has no hits in his career off Josh Hader and just one off of Jeremy Jeffre s. But, the number of men on the Dodgers’ team who have hit those two pitchers is limited.It’s not like Freese’s numbers were so different than anyone else’s. Leave the hot bat in. Maybe Los Angeles would have scoredmore runs if it did.The tables have turnedA story emerged in The Athletic on Thursday that the Brewers suspected the Dodgers of using video cameras to steal signs during the NLCS. Whether that’s true of not, it was the Brewers who looked like they knew what was coming in the bottom of the first inning.Fox Sports reporter and Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci alluded to the fact that Milwaukee hitters Mike Moustakas and Erik Kratz took first-pitch curveballs to right field like they knew they were coming. According to Fangraphs, Ryu allowed a .216 batting average againsthis curveball this season.In those particular moments, it didn’t look that hard to hit. No one has accused the Brewers of stealing Edgar Martinez Jersey signs yet, but they certainly looked like they were sure of what was to come on those two particular pitches.So many in-series adjustmentsThere have been obvious moves in this series meant to me s with opponents, likeMiley coming out after one batter in Game 5.But, it’s the little adjustments game to game that have made this thing so much fun to watch.In Game 4, Craig Counsell made a mistake in the 13th inning. It was hard to watch, but it happened. With the game tied at one and Manny Machado on second base with two outs and Cody Bellingernext up, Counsell could have done something weird he could have walked the bases loaded.We know it sounds bizarre, but the Dodgers were out of position players in the game and due up two batters later was Julio Urias, the 22-year-old pitcher who is not known for his hitting prowe s. Counsell didn’t and Bellinger would drive in Machado for the game-winning run.Skip forward to Game 6where this exact situation came up twice. In the fifth inning, the Brewers had two runners on with two outs and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts walked Orlando Arcia to load the basesforthe pitcher. He would either force Counsell to take his pitcher (Corey Knebel) out, or leave him in for a big moment. Knebel stayed in and struck out ruining the opportunity.Then in the seventh inning, the Dogers did it again bywalkingMoustakas with a runner on second to force Counsell to either sendJeffre s to the plate or a pinch would pinch hit this time, but again, the Dodgers won the battle as Curtis Granderson would strike out. Milwaukee would ultimately score a run on a wild pitch that inning, but had it not been for that they would have gotten through without giving up a run or hit.There havebeen so many little adjustments in this series, with managers learning from their own mistakes and the mistakes of their opponents. Baseball is fascinating when you know where to look.

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